Our Story

Rise True Clothing is a small company that started in my dorm room at Aurora University in Aurora, Illinois. It all started as an idea. An idea, and a reminder for you to always Rise past adversity and be True to yourself. There are a couple of reasons why I started this brand.

1. Be true to yourself

Before, I had struggled with feeling comfortable with myself and what I was capable of. Whether it was social media, normal conversations, or going out, I tried too hard to seem like someone who I wasn’t. I wasn’t being true to myself.

2. Build something to inspire

I have a long-term mission of inspiring people. To hold those around me accountable for their dreams and build up the next generation of leaders. No matter who they are. 

Growing up and going through school, I didn’t have much guidance. I was a bad student in Highschool. Through my experiences and leaders that were in front of me, I noticed that people like you and I can do great things. Sometimes we all need a little help realizing that. 

3. I needed my own project to be proud of

Going through college, I was never proud of the assignments I was doing. No matter the topic, no matter how hard I was working. I knew inside that none of it was inspiring me. I needed something that would be more fulfilling than following a rubric.

This is a mission put into a physical product, and I want you all to #RiseTrue with me.

I started by doing research. I was reading through tens of articles every day to get all the information that I could. I was afraid that I was going to get into information overload and make me give up after a while. But I would remind myself of the long-term vision I have for this brand. 

I started with writing down all the basics I needed to know.

1. Laws

2. Content/Graphics

3. Software/Hardware

Everything like that. 

I then needed to dive deep to make sure I had all my permits and follow the laws that I needed to. #PermitPatty couldn’t do anything to me

I started applying for an LLC and permits and went through the paperwork myself. (Google will teach you everything.)

After all the research for laws and turning into a temporary lawyer, I was finally able to put my design hat on. 

I had gone through so much sketching, redesigning, and changing ideas it got to a point where I wanted to stop. So I looked for help, and Fiverr had the answer I was looking for. 

This gave me the groundwork to start creating content on my own.

As I was going through these steps, ideas would come to me of things that I would need.  This was either hardware or software to get these products to you.

I would order things day by day when I noticed I needed them. Bags, marketing materials, tools, printer, anything. And there I was, building my collection of materials that I needed. Every time I got a new box, I would be so happy to add another to the pile. 

After trying to get at least 2 productive activities done every day, it was time to build up the back-end. I would wait for other packages to come in while I worked on whatever else I could think of.

This included building the website, connecting apps, and creating social accounts.

What I was doing would start getting on a roll. I would finally be able to move onto choosing color designs on the clothes and how many I should get.

As all the pieces fell into place, I got here. Writing and sharing my story with you.